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If you are in the search for the best locksmith service provider in the USA, Locksmith UTS services are the ones you've been searching for! You can be sure to get the best service from us at UTS Locksmith because we can handle anything, from locked keys in car to a safe combination reset. Our trained team will be more than happy to restore the security of your property and bring back the smile on your face. No need to worry because we have a lot of experience in this business - more than 12 years, so more than enough to make you feel safe and secured.

Commercial Services

The office became the place people spend the most time in, so our UTS Locksmith services are going to maintain or bring back the security to this important place. Our commercial locksmith services include a variety of services - whether you forgot your safe combination, got locked out of the office, broke a lock or you want to upgrade the security of your business. Our experienced and well-equipped technicians will take care of it all. There is a wide range of products you can count on as far as commercial services, like sophisticated telephone system, CCTV, security cameras, and of course, the variety of door locks that will meet your needs.

So, you can count on the commercial locksmith services like:

All our technicians have the needed license, are fully insured and bonded which gives you the comfort of working with a professional. We will leave you a satisfied customer that will say "this is the best commercial locksmith near me". Time is money and everything will feel much easier when you bring back the security of your office thanks to Locksmith UTS services.

Residential Services

With the experience and all the needed expertise, Locksmith UTS services also include the residential locksmith service which has always been top-notch. We are aware of the importance of your home and that it needs to be safe. That is why we offer you a wide range of residential services. For example, if you get locked out of your house, break a key inside your lock or you just feel the need to replace your locks or security system with something more modern and secure, we are here for you. A comprehensive range of services is what you can expect from us, for example:

Did we mention that we are crazy affordable as well? Our word means nothing unless you check for yourselves. Our technicians can assess the price for the needed service when they get to you or you can see for yourself by filling out the form. After you do it, we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible and give you an insight into the price. We don't want you to feel unpleasantly surprised in terms of price!


Whether you are a homeowner or you have your own office and you need your lock rekeyed, UTS Locksmith services are all you need. We rekey for a competitive price and we are trustworthy. So, no matter if you need to rekey residential locks or the commercial ones, we can handle it, and we can rekey as many locks as needed. In the case of losing your keys or if you are afraid that somebody else has the access to your key, there is no need to worry because after we are done, you will have a new set of keys that can open your lock. We are fast, efficient and we always do high-quality work - regardless of our affordability.

Locksmith Products

You can count on a wide range of Locksmith UTS services so we can handle any lock-related snag you may come across. When you are thinking, like "does this locksmith near me have these types of door locks", it is almost certain that we have it. We offer so many services and top-quality products so there is no need to worry. What kinds of products can we offer you, you might wonder? We offer only the ones of the best quality, and renowned brands like Schlage, Kwikset or Weslock. Whether you need residential service or commercial locksmith, we have all types of locks that suit your needs: deadbolt lock, mortise lock, cabinet locks, Kwikset locks, safe lock, sliding door lock, keypad door lock, keyless door lock, magnetic door lock, emergency lock, keyless entry, front door locks, garage door lock, security door locks...The list may never end.

Garage Doors

Your garage door doesn't work or you're having problems with your garage door locks? We are here to help you out with that. UTS Locksmith services also include the services when you are having problems with your garage doors. We have the experts who know exactly what to do with your garage doors - no matter of what technology or type they are. We can successfully perform a garage door repair or replacement, as well as garage door spring replacement. If you are not sure about the scope of our services regarding garage doors or any other service, you can always contact us and ask whatever question you may have. We will be more than happy to help you out.

No matter what type of locksmith service you might need, a few things are for sure regarding UTS Locksmith services:

Feel free to call us whenever you feel the need, our polite call operators will always be ready to help you out.

For the best commercial, residential or emergency services, call us now at 888-452-4955. We are very fast, affordable, certified and available non-stop!

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