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Reconditioned Focus Company Professional Black and White.

Two Camera Video Security System with 12 inch Monitor and Built-in Quad Processor.

This reconditioned unit`s sturdy design makes it ideal for any application. The industrial design is perfect for office buildings, lobbies, retail sites etc. Easily operated, all audio, video and power is carried through a single cable (included). By adding an outdoor camera housing (not included), you can also expand the systems ability by monitoring outdoor activities.

Included with each piece:
•  One 12' B & W monitor w/built-in quad processor
•  Two industrial camera mounting brackets
•  Two metal low-light B&W CCD cameras w/interchangeable lens
•  Two 60 foot cables
•  Two 4mm lenses for cameras

•  0.1 lux illumination
•  RJ-11E inputs for cameras
•  Sequential switching
•  Sturdy metal camera design
•  Durable monitor construction
•  Separate power switches for system and display
•  One-way audio from camera to monitor
•  Two-way audio upgradable by adding intercom box (KO-600C)
•  Alarm inputs on camera for connecting motion detector, door/window alarms, intercom boxes etc.
•  Alarm outputs on monitor for hook-up to event recorder or time-lapse recorder
•  VCR Input/Output allows audio and video signal to be recorded to a VCR and allows tape review on playback.
•  Dimensions: 12'W x 11'H x 11 3/4'D in.
•  380 lines of resolution (Cameras)