Professional Locksmith Services

Access Control


•  Proximity access with Smart Door Module
•  500 users
•  Software for programming
•  Inputs for door status and egress
•  Output for lock.

The IntelliProx 2000 is a groundbreaking new product that can be used as an economical single door proximity reader-based access control system for up to 500 users. It is an extremely simple and cost-effective solution and does not require the use of a computer.
Programming is accomplished via the HPP-22 RF Hand Held Programmer.
Cards can be added or deleted from the access privilege database, the door can be unlocked as would normally be done during business hours, and the operator`s security PIN (personal identification number) can be changed, all by simply pointing the programmer at the reader and issuing a simple command.
Because the IP-2000 also has a 26 bit Wiegand™ output, it can be used in place of a traditional proximity reader with any manufacturer`s access control system to provide user backup should the primary access control system become non-functional for those users with 24 hour access privileges; and be used to upgrade a larger access control system should the user want to expand beyond a single door.
The relay output can also be used to trigger any other type of device based on a successful card event.

As a Single Door System:
•  Relay Output for Electric Strike/Lock
•  Nonvolatile Memory for up to 500 users
•  Five Superior Proximity Reader Styles to Choose From
•  Simple Programming via RF Hand Held Programmer
•  Door Sense Input to Monitor Status
•  Local Door Held Open Alarm
•  Request to Exit Input
•  Multicolor LED and Audio Tone for User Feedback
•  Can Be Used When Access Control System Expands Beyond One Door via 26-bit Wiegand output.

In Place of a Standard Proximity access:
•  Industry Standard 26-bit Wiegand Output
•  Five Superior Proximity access Styles to Choose From Local Door Control Backup for Primary Controller
•  Longer Cable Runs
•  Better Surge/Transient Protection for Primary Controller
•  Multicolor LED and Audio Tone for User Feedback