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Wireless Alarm System 200SA

Key features:
No extra wires needed. Secure your home, garage, office and any other objects with this easy to install alarm system.
Full system including wireless motion detector, wireless door/window sensor and remote control.
Auto dial function up to 8 different telephone numbers to notify when there is suspicion . Secure up to 3 different zones with unlimited additional sensors.
Included sabotage sensors and low battery indicators for carefree comfort.

Product sizes:
Home unit (HxWxD in mm): 165x235x60
Remote control (HxWxD in mm): 70x35x15
Door/window contact (HxWxD in mm): 107x58x24
PIR movement detector (HxWxD in mm): 135x70x50
Gross weight: 1,63 kg

Package contents:
Main alarm unit
Power adapter 12VAC/1000mA
Wireless PIR sensor with battery 9V
Wireless door/window switch with battery 9V
Remote control with battery A23 MN21 12V
Telephone cable
Mounting material
Users manual

System requirements :
230VAC Power connection for main alarm unit
Analogue phone connections

•  Wireless Security System
•  Auto dialing function for 8 telephone numbers
•  More than 6500 wireless codes for trouble free operation
•  Delay time 1-99 seconds
•  Adjustable alarm time 1-999 seconds
•  Silent alarm possible
•  Sabotage security
•  3 zones
•  24 hour panic zone
•  Clear zone detection indication
•  Zones selectable. Activate alarm while staying / sleeping at home
•  User programmable security codes
•  Radio Frequency channel 433 Mhz
•  50 meter wireless working range (without obstacles or interference)
•  Battery low indication on all wireless products
•  Remote controller for on/off alarm and with extra panic button
•  Standard alarm switches can also be connected