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5800 - SARGENT

The 5800 Exit Alarms is ideally suited for:
•  Retail buildings
•  Warehouses

Features and Benefits:
•  1 3/4' thick standard 4' minimum stile width
•  Adapted plates available for narrow stile doors (3273)
•  Solid state circuitry
•  Battery powered - 9 volt alkaline
•  110dB horn max. Operating @ 85dB @ 5 ft.
•  Units can be armed or disarmed from outside. Rim, cylinder (ordered separately)
•  Current draw 100mA
•  Red flag indicated armed condition
•  Key inside arms or disarms unit. Mortise cylinder 41 furnished standard
•  UL Listed Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessory
•  Delay Feature in unit allows authorized exit for 12 seconds after activation without sounding alarm. The horn, once activated, will sound for two minutes, then shut off and automatically re- arm itself after 15 seconds
•  Red LED alarm light makes any violation visible. LED continues to flash beyond two-minute alarm cycle. LED light and alarm can be turned off by key operation. Turning key clockwise, then counterclockwise will clear memory and re- arm unit
•  Low battery alert. Horn will 'chirp' on an intermittent basis.