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Profile Series - SARGENT

The Profile Series is Sargent`s latest advancement in stand-alone access control with architecturally pleasing escutcheons and various finishes. Depending on the technology selected, the Profile Series offers 500 user (LU - Keypad Only, PA - Proximity Only & PK - Keypad & Proximity) with audit trail (last 1000 events) capability. `Users` can be programmed to actuate the cylindrical lock via pin code and/or proximity credential. The proximity credential offerings include: proximity cards, key fobs and MicroProx Tags. The Profile Series locks (LU, PA and PK versions) are programmed and managed using SofLink Plus w/ Soflink PDP access control software. This software offers the ability to transfer `door file` information directly from the PC or by using commercially purchased PDA (consult factory for compatible models).

Ideally suited for:

•  High Security Applications
•  Dormitories
•  Assisted Living Facilities
•  Hospitals
•  Retail Buildings
•  Meeting Rooms
•  Company Health Clubs
•  Apartments
•  Office Complexes
•  Stairwell Doors

Features and Benefits:

•  Keypad easily programmable for some features on LU and PK products
•  Soflink Plus Software required for programming proximity only (PA), keypad (LU, and keypad/proximity (PK) where time zones are required
•  Non-volitile memory
•  For use on exterior doors with weather-seal gasket
•  500 different user codes
•  1,000 event transaction history - unlock, egress activation, entry into programming mode, date, time, user number and door number downloaded via Computer or PDA
•  One master code - assigns emergency, supervisory and user codes
•  One supervisory code - allows temporary lockout of selected users, changes unlock time duration, requests infrared interrogation output, .
adds user codes and unlocks when beyond `low battery` condition
One emergency code - allows entry when deadbolt is thrown
•  One time user codes - allows `one time` entry
•  Maintained (passage) code - unlock for extended periods of time
•  Low battery input indication - four chirps after code entry. Supervisory code unlocks unit beyond low battery condition
•  LED`s on unit indicate status - green indicates unlocked; yellow indicates programming mode.