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DO-001A MightySlim

The DO-001A MightySlim is designed to be used primarily in wooden doorframes. Under certain circumstances, the DO-001A can be used in hollow aluminum and hollow metal doorframes. The DO-001A MightySlim can be used in right-handed or left-handed installations, simply by turning the door strike upside down, during installation. When used with a 14-24VAC input, the DO-001A makes a buzzing sound, when activated.
When used with a 14-24VDC input, the DO-001A activates silently. Our unique screw-adjustable latch mechanism makes lock tongue alignment quick and easy.

•  Operates on 14-24VAC or 14-24VDC standard
•  Buzzes on AC operation and is silent for DC operation
•  Reversible for right-handed or left-handed installations
•  Can be used with wooden or hollow metal door frames
•  Requires only 1.125' deep door frame opening
•  Has adjustable latch for easy tongue alignment
•  Non fail-safe operation standard
•  Positive Screw Terminal connections
•  Satin Grey Painted Steel Faceplate

Faceplate Dimensions:1.25'W (32mm) x 5.875'H (149mm).
Opening Dimensions: 0.80'W (20mm) x 2.625'H (67mm) x 1.125'D (29mm).