Professional Locksmith Services

Door knob / lever set

Q Series - ARROW

Model: Grade 1


Lock Chassis:
Cold rolled steel, with zinc dichromated finish for rust resistance. Latch retractor is precision cast steel. Extra long bearing sleeve offers added support for interlocking tubes and provides for extra lever rigidity. Requires standard 2-1/8' (53.97mm) bore through door.

Patented flexible adaptor, an eight sided nickel steel alloy mechanism allows for universal thru-bolt location according to door preparation. The flexible mounting is accomplished without manually removing screw posts from rose insert. The flexible adaptor also engages directly with springs, which will virtually eliminate lever sag.

Freewheeling lever action occurs when latch retraction mechanism disengages from lever handle when handle is locked. Built-in stops in the rose insert prevent lever from
traveling beyond approximately 57 degrees. Additional 40% spring power in rose insert on OverDrive™ side of door ensures that lever handle returns to horizontal position. (Optional)

2-3/4' (69.85mm) standard. 3-3/4' (95.25mm) and 5' (127mm) available.

Brass with 1/2' (12.7mm) throw standard. 3/4' (19.05mm) throw deadlocking firelatch is available for pairs of doors. Latch housing is steel, zinc dichromate finish for corrosion resistance. 1' (25.4mm) bore in edge of door is required.

Latch Front:
Brass, bronze or stainless steel. 2-1/4' (57.15mm) x 1-1/8' (28.57mm) beveled, 1/8' (3.175mm) in 2' (50.8mm).

Exposed Trim:
Levers are pressure cast zinc. Streamline rose scalp of brass or bronze complements other series of lever locks.

Rose Inserts:
Contain coil spring, which is a permanent assembly within rose insert. The inside insert has graduating steps in two locations to prevent rose scalp from loosening. A “catch”
on the outside insert prevents rose scalp from working itself loose during installation.

Brass, bronze or stainless steel. ANSI A115.2, 4-7/8' (123.82mm) x 1-1/4' (31.75mm) curved lip strike standard. Optional 2-3/4' (69.85mm) x 1-1/8' (28.57mm) strike available. All strikes have 1-1/4' (31.75mm) lip to center dimension.

Door Thickness:
1-3/4' (44.45mm) to 2' (50.80mm) standard.

Non-handed. Levers operate bi-directionally.

Cylinder Options:
Interchangeable core/flex-core - lockset prepared for use with 6 or 7 pin interchangeable core. Supplied less core, but packed with 6 and 7 pin tailpieces. Will accept cores manufactured by Best™, Falcon™, Medeco Keymark™ and others. Suffix “IC” to design. Temporary Arrow construction cores are also available. Also available with cylinder meeting UL437 for pick and drill resistance.