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Angelica (27): "I can't stress enough how much I recommend these guys! I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and out my mind when I got locked keys in car. Somehow I searched on my smartphone and found their phone number. They came to me in 20 minutes! I couldn't believe because these locksmiths always say they will come fast, but never actually do... They were so professional and so affordable, they did the job fast and I was relieved, so I could get going fast. Thank you so much!"

Michael (37): "I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for being fast and so professional when I locked myself out of my house while my 2-year old daughter was inside. I really thought I was about to lose it when my friend gave me your number and so I called you to do the lockout as fast as possible. Your employee "Brad" was so great and helpful. My daughter didn't even realize I was away for half an hour, that is how fast the UTS Locksmith service is. Thanks a bunch, again!"

Seth (40): "As someone who is in real-estate business, as for the locksmith services over here nationwide, I know them all. I also know those UTS Locksmiths are the best. I strongly recommend them to my clients, whether they need emergency service or any kind of security system installation. This team has the best solutions and I was one of their satisfied customers as well. They really stepped up with the technology so if you want your property safe with some of the amazing technological solutions - call them. Their service truly is A+."

Kelley (22): "If you were as clumsy as me to get locked out of your apartment, trust me - you need their phone number. They are crazy fast and really cheap. 888-452-4955 Thanks UTS Locksmith for not letting me freeze outside. You guys are great!"

Ernie (30): "I had a terrible experience with a1 locksmith a year ago, when I just moved to the my new place. After that I really needed to find dependable and certified locksmith service, since I was sick and tired of being scammed. It's really important when a locksmith is licensed and bonded, it means it's a serious company. That is why I strongly recommend Locksmith UTS, I love and appreciate professionalism. Way to go!"

Harvey (31): "When my fiance and I were just in the process of house-building and wanted to get all of these fancy and up-to-date door locks and accessories, we reached out to people from UTS Locksmith. We are more than happy with the outcome. Believe us, these people have whatever you need. They installed some of the amazing sliding door locks, so our glass door looks amazing in front and we are well secured. Also, our front door is super safe but I still don't feel like I'm living in the dungeon with those terribly noisy locks. Their technology is amazing, as well as their approach. They were all super nice and, even though my fiance and I may have been annoying, they answered every single of our questions. I am really pleased."

Ann (21): "Thank you so much for opening my frozen lock and being so sweet and pleasant! I really appreciate it. Girls especially want to feel safe and don't want to deal with psychos. So, you have thumbs up from one girly girl. You are the best locksmith service!"

Connor (52): "The first time I called the UTS Locksmith was when I needed to change one lock in my office. After I saw the approach of their team and the seriousness, I decided to call them again when I needed to install a brand new security system for my offices. I haven't regretted it, I am more than happy with the outcome. These people mean business with their security systems! Everything is so modern and of high-quality. I am obsessed with the high technology and they met my expectations. The most important thing is that my office is safe so I don't need to worry. Write down their number and call them if you need some amazing security cameras and intercom systems."

Teyana (25): "I locked my car key inside my trunk once for the stupidest reason so I called these people from Locksmith UTS. They came over so fast and were very kind, so I decided to recommend them to my friends when they needed to change the locks in their apartment. They were also more than happy with the service and reasonable locksmith pricing. I strongly recommend them!"

Susan (43): "My good friend gave me the number of Locksmith UTS and told me that "they are the best in the USA". At first I thought "oh God, no need to be so excited about locksmiths" until I actually needed these people when I broke a lock inside my front door. As a single mom, I always do everything by myself and don't rely on men, but I think I could reconsider that haha. Your employees are perfect gentlemen and very efficient at what they do. I will recommend them to my other friends and family for sure."

Mark (40): "First time I contacted Locksmith UTS was 4 years ago, when I needed a lockout. I remembered their great service so I saved their card until I needed them again, 10 days ago, when my wife and I wanted to replace the old locks in our house. They did a great job and since I'm not so skilled with the locks, I consulted them on what locks I should get. They did an amazing job! A very important thing for me is not being too pushy - I mean, letting us know about the real price of the service and not just trying to take our money. These people really care about their customers and it made me feel so pleasant, I was just thrilled."

Sharon (48): "Thank you guys so much for unlocking my apartment the other day! Your great employee just made my day with his funny jokes."

Lock Picking